splash vfx character reel
Characters have a time-honored tradition of delivering brand loyalty across a wide spectrum of advertising markets. Whether it be cereal, insurance, cellular carriers or coffee, animation companies have utilized characters and personality-driven motion graphics services to offer a consistent, friendly face to brands around the world. The truth is that what has worked for them can work for you too.

That’s why we at Splash have made our character animation services a core offering of our 3d animation studio. We specialize in high quality, personality-driven character development and production.

Characters are the ambassadors of brand loyalty. No other individual graphic component can deliver the deep emotional bond that a well-crafted character can offer. But that’s just one of the benefits that our character animation services can provide; here are a few others:

  • Complete control of the look and personality

  • Infinite brand possibilities

  • Safe-pay; it’s a digital character, so you control what they do in their off-time

  • Provides a cost point lower than actors, sports figures or celebrities

  • Can be designed to encompass brand values

  • Resists potential demographic issues and results in universal appeal

Lots of animation companies promise character animation, but Splash is a 3d animation studio that can actually deliver. Want to explore some options? Have questions about 3D character and motion graphics services?

Drop us a line or shoot us an email. We love to explore ideas; we love to bring them to life.
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